Switch / Hijack UserΒΆ

The superuser in LAVA can be enabled to hijack or switch and work on behalf of other users without knowing their credentials. This comes in handy when users report problems in their login and the superuser wants to reproduce it. This functionality is enabled by django-hijack module.


Once a user is hijacked by the superuser, the hijack remains in effect until the superuser logs out of the hijacked user in LAVA and logs back in.

django-hijack depends on django-compat and both these modules should be installed in order to enable this support. These packages are optional for LAVA and are not installed by default.

Install python-django-compat and python-django-hijack packages directly using apt if either of production-repo or staging-repo are configured already using images.validation.linaro.org See LAVA repositories and LAVA Archive signing keys.

Once the above packages are installed, restart apache webserver for the changes to take effect:

$ sudo service apache2 restart

Hijack by calling URLs in the browser’s address barΒΆ

Users can be hijacked directly from the address bar by typing:


Replace example.com with your LAVA instance’s hostname.

Read more about django-hijack in https://github.com/arteria/django-hijack#django-hijack